Album picture of Wintergefühle by The Circle Sessions

Wintergefühle by The Circle Sessions

Various Artists


Album Tracks

TV Billie Eilish 04:41
20s Bow Anderson 03:04
How Do I Say Goodbye Dean Lewis 02:43
Forget Me Lewis Capaldi 03:23
Solange Wir Fahren Alex Lys, Madeline Juno 03:04
Tidal Wave Anaïs, Molitor 03:49
Unique JEREMIAS 02:42
Blaue Augen JEREMIAS 02:47
Lonely Ones LOVA 03:07
Pointless Lewis Capaldi 03:48
novembre November Ultra 03:05
One More Try Calum Scott 05:56
missing home Remme 03:11
Fall In Love Alone Stacey Ryan 03:25
Fingers Crossed Lauren Spencer Smith 02:55
Catch Me Frederico, Lenny Barks 02:48
Hesitate Arctic Lake 02:40
Madly Mimoza 03:14
For All Our Days That Tear The Heart Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler 05:00

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