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Baby still working 9-5's man long drives

She so tough man never cries all dry eyes

I told my mom I'll be back soon, I miss that lady bad

On a mission to gain everything that we never had

Bought some candles just to light up the night

You know I'm obsessed so you brought me 2

More obsessed with my baby tho

Would've much rather'd if you brought me you

A lot of tension that I'm feeling now

I'm gaining mad muscle just cutting through

Grammy trophies, award shows, the accolades, just us two

Use to talk more

Now it's just distance

Can run a whole marathon between us

And I know that you miss it

There's a point to be made, I'll close the distance but I know you won't listen

So what's the point, we tried mediation

Now I'm meditating on bigger things, bigger pictures, devoting more times just to read scriptures

The only things I read prior to that was just menus, always out at dinners

I'll host them or they'll host me

A lot pain I feel that they won't see

Can't show pain, can't show weakness, can't show mercy, just ain't me

Cross on my wrist to remind me why I'm still here and what I can be

Y'all say that y'all got vision, but with my music y'all can't see it

Must be legally blind

But I'm P.O.P, holding it down

I'm Sway nigga, In the D.E. still holding it down


Tryna get my net worth up

Not 1 million but a bunch of millions

Like 850, I'll be fine with that

But once I reach that, I'll want a billion stacked

In a bank overseas somewhere

Somewhere only reached by air

Somewhere in the islands

Somewhere only I know yea

I look y'all in the eyes and I know y'all ain't the same, I know y'all changed

Nothing wrong with that, sometimes you need change, especially at our age

Seems like I've been through it all, but I know it's a lot that more that I'll witness

I'm tired of the ignorance, can I get a witness

Yea I'm new to the game but a veteran, better show reverence

Got 16 unreleased tracks in my Mac case y'all need some evidence

Seen a lot of things in my life, I met a lot of people

Hope when I die I get to do it all again on the other side, hope I get a sequel

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