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Lounge Factory, Vol. 7

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Time After Time Maison Musiq, Marina Santelli 05:09
Wouldn't Know Better Than You 2iB 04:55
Onde Tu Tá? Last Aliens In Rio 02:52
What's Different Sway 03:29
Find Yourself Rayless 03:22
Webchords (Design Fault Demo) Kalabi 03:43
Midnight Emotions Tune/Lib 04:48
It's Gonna Be Gabin, Jho Jenkins 07:45
Temple Song Govinda, Love Calò 05:23
Ascent XtriQ 06:04
Smooth Operator (Bossa Version) Musique Boutique 04:28
Walk on By McEndoz, Elena Giardina 03:19
The Rain Still Falls Chiara Minaldi 02:57
Doronto (2015 Version) Pep Lladó 04:44
Magic Modell 05:02
Ahead Maido Project, Monica Shaka 03:10

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