Album picture of wintergefühle 2024 by The Circle Sessions

Wintergefühle 2024 by The Circle Sessions

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Winterherz Jas 02:40
leichter//kälter Edwin Rosen 03:15
Stick Season Noah Kahan 03:02
Arcade Duncan Laurence 03:02
Somebody Like You Giant Rooks 03:20
missin something Zach Templar 02:25
idtwcbf (friends) BoyWithUke 02:30
Rote Flaggen Berq 03:44
Only Girl Stephen Sanchez 02:39
Mit dir kann ich alleine sein JEREMIAS 03:38
Dream Girl Evil Florence + The Machine 03:47
Die Sterne Edwin Rosen 01:28
Strangers Lewis Capaldi 03:33
Is It Just Me? Emily Burns, JP Cooper 03:23
Just To Keep You Satisfied Inhaler 03:36
Pink Skies Giant Rooks 03:21
Achilles Berq 02:39
Bedroom Exile Giant Rooks 03:19
poster boy Lyn Lapid 02:47
Hör mal mein Herz <3… Replay Okay 01:26