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Anthems 2023, Vol. 1

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Saxo (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera, Dj Rooster 06:04
Lima (Extended Mix) Andrew Mathers 04:25
Disco Lights (Extended Mix) Frank Nitty, Jon Suarez 04:41
RAW (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera, Dj Rooster 06:22
Let's Go (Extended Mix) 68 Beats, Rosenhaft 05:33
Banter (Sak Noel & Franklin Dam Remix) Robbie Rivera, She Koro, Sak Noel 02:30
I Go Crazy (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera, SAKURA 05:06
Is This Techno or Is This House? (Horatio Extended Remix, Pt. 2) Robbie Rivera 07:19
Get Down (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix) Paige 05:15
I Don't Know (Mark Boson Extended Remix) Chris Valencia, Mark Boson 05:21
Change (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera, Georgia Train 05:13
Set Me Free (68 Beats Extended Remix) Baltica, 68 Beats, Ellae 06:03
Don't Know (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera 06:14
Hydro (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera 03:56
Apocalypse Drum (Drum Extended Mix) Dero, C.F.S. Beat 03:57
Together (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix) 68 Beats 05:58
Make You Mine (Extended Mix) Discoplex, Mathias D, 68 Beats 06:48
Dark (Benny Camaro Extended Remix) Miki Stentella 07:17
Bright Lights (Extended Mix) 68 Beats 06:11
1234 (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix) Dero, C.F.S. Beat, Robbie Rivera 04:38