Album picture of Mad Weekend (Groovy Party Tunes), Vol. 3

Mad Weekend (Groovy Party Tunes), Vol. 3

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Time to Go (Original Mix) Jonas Eb 02:58
Humblebee (Extended Mix) Adaptiv, Andrew Belize, Felix Schorn 03:15
Matrix Reality (Original Mix) Zulu Natives 05:36
Kalypso (Extended Mix) Alivø, Jey Aux Platines 03:41
For the Night (Extended Mix) VINNE, Audax & Pri Pach, Babii Cris 04:25
Live! (DJ Cross Remix) Rio Dela Duna 06:00
Problem Solving (Original Mix) Dainpeace 05:12
Keep Dancing (Extended Mix) Maiwai 03:00
Losing Myself (Hypelezz Remix) Nicky Jones, HYPELEZZ 02:33
Tomfort (S-File Remix) Uhlenhorst 06:00
Need Your Love (Original Mix) Hannah Aviera 02:41
You'll Be the One (Extended Mix) Martin Mix, Menshee 03:39
Nothing to Lose (Extended Mix) Point Blvnk, DVNS, Cadence XYZ 04:38
Same for Everyone (Extended Mix) Matty Menck 05:25
The Main Stage (Party Mix) Zman 03:38
So Feel Strange (Original Mix) Mutehead 05:39
Disco Roll (Extended Mix) Tommy Zero 04:52
Carry Me Home (Radio Edit) Kornpluck 03:05
Flinter Josh Nor 05:54
All I See (Radio Edit) Cutser & Duke 02:37

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