Tony Castellano


Aye, yeah


Did you ever like when you turned your friends down feel like nobody

Late night dates goin' crazy when I see your body

You got the curves, you got the moves like Jagger like Mami

Was never somebody, aye

Brakes, brakes

Got the brakes so hot they can't take me for easy

Gotta search our love but you know that it never comes easy

Comes freely

Yeah I know it will never come easy

But what will ever come easy

Come easy

They come easy, yeah

I know that you wanna need me

Every single night when I'm passin' by yeah I know you need me

I can feel it through the pain and pleasure

Yeah pleasure

Yeah they are

Not afraid I (No)

Fashionweek Milano Paris we go

Yeah we go and we go go, aye, yeah

Don't you notice, I got the gun and loaded

Yeah you know I'm choosen, aye (Uuh)

I know you the one (Uuh)

'Cause you

'Cause you

'Cause you


You the one lil' baby ( You the one lil' baby )

Take you to Miami take you to the Hidden Hills like baby (Hills)

Body so good and the sex so good you my baby

And you can't imagine what will happen after dawn

After dawn, dawn, dawn

Fuck them other girls I want you now

'Cause you the only one I want right now

Woah, nooah, aye


Did you ever like when you turned you friends down for nobody (For nobody)

Late night dates go crazy when I see your body

She got the curves she got the moves like Jagger like Mami (She got she got everything)

Was never somebody (I just wanna lay with you on me)

Aye, yeah

And you keep comin' closer babe

And every single one of me

I been tryna fuck you ten times in a week

Guess I kinda like the way you made me feel yeah

'Cause I paid the price, with my life

Yeah I paid the price and you know I'm right

'Cause you loved me

Till the last summer

It's the summer 16 got doubles on with me yeah

Yeah, ye

Yeah yeah ye-yeah

Look, yeah yeah ye-yeah

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