Mother Popcorn cover
Mother Popcorn

Mother Popcorn (Pt. 1)

James Brown


Yeah, yeah,yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Popcorn, yeah, yeah, yeah popcorn!

Some like 'em fat and some like em tall

Some like 'em short

Skinny legs and all

I like 'em tall

I like 'em proud

And when they walk

You know they draw a crowd!

See, you gotta have a mutha for me

Yeah, yeah, yeah ah come on!

A look-a-here!

There was a time when I was all alone

I had a secret thought I was gone

Somebody done me!

Said now I see

What you are doin', brother

To stay ahead of me

And when I get burndt ha! I use some salve

And when I want some lovin'

A mother she got to have

See, you got to have a mother for me

Yeah! Popcorn! oh! uh!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah! Eeee yeah!

Do the popcorn hu!



Popcorn! uh!


Look-a-here! ha! good lord!

Hu! hu!


Do the popcorn and do the horse

Show everybody where you at!

You gotta be boss

The way you do your little thing

Step in a small ring

And jump back baby!

James brown gonna do his thing!

Popcorn! yeah! yeah! yeah!

Sometime sometime I'm feelin' low

Sometime I'm feelin' low

I call another brother

Talkin about Maceo!

Maceo! blow your horn!

Don't talk no trash hu!

Play me some popcorn!

Maceo! come on! uh!

Popcorn hu! ah!

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