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Later Bitches

Later Bitches

The Prince Karma


What the hell do you mean I've gotta wait in line?

This is complete and total bullshit!

If- if I show you my tits, will you let me in?

Can you just- just take another drink with me?


Later, bitches!

Oh my God!

This is like- this is like, the best song ever!

I just- I just love it so much!

Shit, I don't feel so good

I shouldn't have that last shot

Later, bitches!

Oh my God

I'm so horny right now

I shouldn't have said that out loud, ha

I'm not, like, wearing any underwear

So, you know

Can I have another shot?

Hey, before we get out of here

Can you- can you just do me one favor?

Can you say, "Later, bitches!"

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