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Sucker Free

Sucker Free

Key Glock



Money callin', told her I gotta go (I gotta roll)

I'm back to ballin', I been on the low (been on the low)

Yeah, couple million dollars just made off the road (off the road)

Nah, Wayne from the D, but this shit on the floor (yeah)

And these niggas, they can't fuck with me

Wanna give a shoutout to my nina, yeah, she stuck with me

You can go ask any one of these hoes, it ain't no cuffin' me

Mr. Glock, Mr. Get Shit Done and I'm sucker free, bitch (yeah)

Yeah, and they know that

Yeah, they call me Glock, but I got snipers just like Kodak

This bitch said I'm dope, I said "I know," because I sold that

This shit crazy, my side ho just asked me, "Where the hoes at?" (Uh)

Forty-yard dash to the cash, I ran a four flat (uh)

Bitch, I'm that nigga and that's a well-known fact (yeah)

Yeah, bitch, I'm that nigga, and no, it's not a secret

I cut my Chi-Town bitch off 'cause she be tweakin'

Ayy, I be fresh as hell, treatin' every day just like the weekend (yeah)

I'm smokin' on some reefer, this shit louder than your deacon (ayy)

They say, "It's cheaper to keep her," I just say, "It's nice to meet you" (yeah)

Even though a nigga blessed, I still be hangin' with the reapers (uh)

Hangin' with the demons (demons), hangin' with the goblins (goblins)

Hangin' with some monsters (monsters), hangin' with the mobsters (mobsters)

Hangin' with the trappers (trappers), chillin' with the robbers (robbers)

Chillin' with the scammers (scammers) and plugged in with the doctors (doctors, yeah)


For real (uh)

I mean, five real (uh, uh, uh)

Yeah, yeah (uh, uh)

This shit started with a crumb (yeah)

Made it out them slums, can't forget where I came from (yeah)

Made it out them slums, can't forget where I came from (from)

Yeah, I'm on the road to riches, so don't ask me where I'm goin' (I'm goin')

Son of a gun, hoppin' out that foreign

With a bad bitch, look foreign, shit, she must be foreign

I got a Bentley on my arm (skrrt) and a Benz for my charm (skrrt)

Yeah, you know I rep that five (five), but your bitch say I'm the one





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