Mata Hari cover
Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Marta Del Grandi


Silhouettes entwined and shining in the dark

Moving side to side

In the sweetest drowsiness

There I found you

Huddled in your wounded heart,

ccting like I wasn't there

ccting like I wasn't rare

Does my voice sound different?

In those dreams you talk about,

Do I ever speak?

Do you always recognize me?

Or do I look like others did in a different time?

Huddled in your ancient present

Frozen in a picture

Where your eyes look just like mine.

Do you remember?

When you told me I was too invested

cnd I fed on love

Like it was a bad thing

But if not for love

Then what is it we live for?

If not for love,

What is it we live for?

You say you'll do anything

So why can't you imagine

How if not for love we'd be just like shadows

Hollow, lost with nowhere to go?

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