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Joey Bada$$


You know what I'm sayin'? Look

We gon'talk our shit on this one (talk your shit)

Kirk Knight on the beat, keep my cypher complete, look (yeah, uh)

(Complete, look)

Forty K for the Rollie with the leather band, no time to parlay

Life is too short, we came a long way

From pissy hallways to court-side up in Barclays (yeah)

Stuntin' is a sport, the way I'm ballin', we could all play (ballin')

My cup overflowin', I'm feelin' fine in this Chardonnay (right)

I dropped seven bands in Rick Owens, it was a calm day

Prices lookin' like a zip code, I switch zones when it get cold

So they gon' have to throw they shade from far away

I brought it in, walkin' with your broad down Broadway

Skip the foreplay and brought her back to where the Don lay

It's Brooklyn, get your chain tooken lookin' like entrées

Who harder than my origin? (Nobody), get your troops, call 'em in

I gave 'em fair warnings, I'm

Up late nights and early mornings, I

Got a little buzz, I can't afford to miss my callin' now

Be the first to arrive then last to leave

Dropped out of school, still voted most likely to succeed (ow)

Said I do this with the ease

I collect my fees and then I breeze

Neck on freeze like it's below thirty-two degrees

check my steez

Hold up, nigga, nigga, nigga (please)

Look, off top for the speculation (yeah)

If rap was a stock, I have a hundred million in evaluation

A hundred thousand hours and you niggas only master masturbation

Y'all some pros at procrastination

I tax those who act slow, never had patience (never had)

My cat flow got you fat souls in fascination

I made her make it clap, then I told her, "Congratulations" (yeah)

You fuckin' with the realest cat since Larry David

Curvy enthusiast, it's Laquesha from the black lagoon

snatch your jewelry ass

Most niggas really pawns when you wave the toolie at em' (bup, bup, bup)

Could've made the Goonies clap

But masked up like MF DOOM, don't know what truly had (rest in peace)

And firstly, all my wolves is blood thirsty (yeah)

Ready to shoot from mid-range like they James Worthy

Don't let them niggas try to hurt me (try)

He gon' see some bloodhounds, some blue flags

Duck down or move fast and push your own kuf' back, nigga (bup, bup, bup)

Said I do this with the ease

I collect my fees and then I breeze

Neck on freeze like it's below thirty-two degrees

check my steez

Hold up, nigga, nigga, nigga (please)

Look, I can show you how to get lit and don't blow it (uh)

'Cause when you really start gettin' rich, ain't gotta show it (it's right)

Lifestyle golden, my nigga, now that's trojan (facts)

Only magnum rounds when I bust and explode 'em (bup, bup, bup)

Eight figure nigga, so I'm always gettin' chosen (yeah)

Middle of the summer, my ice is still frozen

I try to show these niggas the roast, they let it choke 'em (let it choke 'em)

I got sick of playin' with niggas, I started coachin' (yeah)

I ain't worried 'bout y'all hands, 'cause y'all jokers (right)

Hit the Royal Flush on niggas, ain't talkin' Poker

Actin' like my shit don't stink when it's supposed to (right)

I'm laughin' on my way to the bank, I'm in that Rover

Bitch, watch that drink on my couch, look, here's a coaster (here)

Had to cut back on my toast, get fully focused (focused)

Cadillac came with a toast, it's fully loaded (blah)

Ten years killin' this game, I'm really goated, nigga (fuckin' G.O.A.T, nigga)

I'm the motherfuckin' greatest, nigga

I know you hate it, nigga, yeah

Most underrated, at least they ain't never underpayin'

I don't even know where to start

But you know, it's 2000 shit, man

If y'all wasn't around in the 2000s

You wouldn't know what really goin' on, you feel me?

We smokin', we drinkin'

It's good vibes, it's the right vibe

It's the player vibe

2000, we gettin' this shit right

You feel me? All night

Take that, take that

'cause Diddy was just right here, you heard me?

My nigga Joey Bada$$, two-fuckin'-thousand

We saw it in '99, but now we in 2000

Even though we in 2022, I think, but who's countin'?

We just countin' money, ya dig?

I don't really know what to say

I'm just here, feel me?

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