Tragedy of the Commons cover
Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy of the Commons

Band Of Horses


The tragedy of the commons

We've been God, now God wants to be us

Just lying like dogs, laying in the sunshine

Feel the emptiness of creature comforts

I want some

I want some

You're always gone

You're never here

It's hard to smile from ear to ear

Well, babe, I'm dog tired

Can I cancel it all?

The hate train, pray that it crashes

Jaded chattering of neo-fascists

The clatter of the ever-warring classes

So we chose to look within

Off my rocker with the rest of them

The relatives we'll never see again

Yeah, this is wild, it's comical

How to survive through obstacles

Babe, I'm dog tired, I can't stay long

And the nighttime is the wrong time

To be with the one you love

Often in error but seldom in doubt

I'll evolve with the problem next time around

Stick out your neck for somebody else

And they laugh in your face like, go fuck yourself

You speak so soft and sob so loud

Can't figure what in the hell are you talking about

Shamed once and yet again

But this time you won't forget it

Babe, I'm dog tired, can I cancel it all?

Days spin blind, a loss of mine

You don't mean goodbye

And the nighttime is the wrong time

To be with the one you love

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