Wrist Watch cover
Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

King Jahsh


Unread message

On the wrist watch


If he check it

She might get shot

Couple missed calls

On his wrist watch


If she check it

He might get popped

New password

On her wrist watch


Now she think

She’ll never get caught

No password

On his wrist watch


He don’t even

Care if he’s caught

We don’t know

Nothing bout trust x

We just know

How to fuck it up x4

Seen a little nigga

Look just like me

Look him in the eyes

He wanna fight me

Told me i ain’t shit

For how i treated him


I ain’t even know him

Told me that he knew me

From the pictures

That his momma showed him

Oh her cell phone

Heard her voice

As i was getting shot


Same girl from the wrist watch

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