Why Should I

King Jahsh, Illa Styles, Timbo.Seven


I don’t rap about

Money cars or bitches

Time is money

I do not have time to kick it

I’m wicked

Niggas switch up on me every day

It’s getting sickening

New money

Make broke niggas

Act too funny


Tried to take em up wit me

Everybody do me dirty

Take my money disappear

And act like they ain’t do me dirty

Wait on me to hit they phone

And act like everything is cool

See em out in public

Ima act like everything is cool

But everything ain’t nigga

Im doing things you can’t nigga

Said we paint the perfect picture

You don’t even paint can’t

Put me in ya frame less you

Lookin through ya lenses

And i don’t do no verses now

My stock too expensive

Don’t care how you feel

My family watch but don’t invest

I do this shit myself

I can say that with my chest

Did this shit myself

That’s prolly why I’m so blessed

Did this shit myself

That’s prolly why I’m up next

I change ya life

Wit a second verse

I died twice

This my 2nd hearse

You do me wrong

And you’re forever cursed

I’m God sent

Heaven’s aroma

Your career getting cut short

Now you looking like Bulma

On some Marley shit

Ride my wave

(Illa Styles)

Why should I give a flying fuck

The same courtesy wasn’t supplied to us whenever the times got rough

Made a solid foundation

From outta the dust

Bad decisions outta lust and material wants

My cares evaporated in the air like smoke from a blunt

And my detachments block out the sun

The land lord evict you

From the real estate in the amazing maze of my mind trained to forget you

No artificial

Love in my circumference, The ones in

My life I cherish toasting bottles from France

In abundance

Ocean front rents feeling triumphant..

No fake record deals the real see you fronting..

Success is measured by the choices made

Not only the money that’s paid

Secrets of the game

The ones you treated foul on the climb

Will greet you the exact same way on the decline

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