Beware the Ides cover
Beware the Ides

Beware the Ides

King Jahsh


Story time

Niggas is way beyond mortified

I was blessed with a shortened life

And I’m way over being nice

And I

Hold up


Niggas really

Think they really

Make a difference

In this world

Break a local Nigga record

Bring some local nigga pressure

This ain’t gas

This is crack

Watch my vocals live forever

Slow it down

Like the matrix

Kuz my focus is forever

Better better

I get better

Cheddar never

Made her wetter

Drop a project

Change the weather

Nigga you gone need a sweater

I’m too cold

Plus I’m bolder than a rock


Take a shot

Of the gin

Or DM’s

I don’t bring no gimmicks

Or see limits

I’m limitless

Legends in the making

They hip we give em this

Every shot we take is precise

You hit or miss

I just changed my diet again

So watch me shift

All you niggas rapping is capping

You hold shift

I’m control alt deleting your flow

Approach me as the king i am

Don’t you see me as bro

You had dreams of being rich

But your reason is broke

I speak life

I can’t live once my wisdom is gone

I’m God like

I used to wanna be a God

I turn a snake into a rod

Wait that was backwards


And now they tell me

Im iller than niggas

Sick in the head

Sick wit the vision

And bread

Do what i do

And get fed

You niggas wait for a


Create my system instead

Kuz when you wait for too long

Your only option is dead

Like a father that never showed

He had love for his kids

I had holes in my kicks

But i got hoes on my Dick

I got chose and not picked nigga

I chose what i pic

Like a free lance artist

Taking a picture that’s sick

Oh my god i might

Take ya life

For the fame

Take a life

For a name

In this mf’n game nigga

I made it right when i came

So tread light on my name

Please watch what you say Nigga

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