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We're All Alone

We're All Alone



I remember when I used to be innocent, ain't shit changed

I'm a young black belligerent

Child of an immigrant, lifestyle frivolous

'Round here we keep bad company 'cause them people pay dividends

What's the point of bein' rich when your family ain't?

It's like flyin' first class on a crashin' plane

Dinners with the same niggas, just higher bills

And all the models Himalayan, they got higher heels

You know we're all alone in this together, right?

(Quiet on set, places everybody)

You know the seats in the Aston red leather, like

(And action) Yeah

I had dreams of doin' architecture

Or sittin' through a Harvard lecture

How the fuck I end up bein' Harvey Specter?

Young black art collector, I could take the pressure

Had the scales, now suits that come made to measure

I drew the thin line between love and hate

Double date, what you drinkin'? Let me cut the games

Backstab a man, I'd rather that you cut my face

If I ain't charmin' the women, it's all the fuckin' snakes

You idolize the girl, there's no way I'd wife her

She only fucks with rich niggas, that's the way I like it

I can't fabricate the truth, it's just the way I write it

You got points on your creative license

Ask Rapz, that's a criminal graduatin' in civil law

Nothin' ain't civil 'bout this Civil War

Grip a four, Gryffindor, this'll have you lyin' on your chest

I've got ninety-nine marks and wasn't trying on my test

I'm blessed (why?)

Because the pasta is gamberoni, the watch is a classic Rollie

The pussy is sacred, it's holy like matrimony

I'm payin' her alimony to numb all the acrimony

The flight is to Santorini, the car is a Lamborghini

The cheese, the cheddar, the mozzarella, the fettuccini

The only aim, look at my ego in the day in a life

And see what happens when you got the fuckin' game in a vice

We're all alone

I got a message from a kid on Sunday mornin'

Said he don't know what to do and that he's thinkin' of killin' himself

Me and him got more in common than he thinks

But I tell him to see a shrink so I can go on and live with myself

I knew that my life was a film

From when I had to share a bed with my mum and I was pissin' myself

I just want my flowers while I'm here

So I can put them at the front of the grave that I've been diggin' myself

I grew up in a two-bed flat with seven people livin' with me

You don't know what I did for myself

My mum's the one that gave me opportunities

And put me in positions that I couldn't have pictured myself

We're from Nigeria, Benin City, Sin City

Don't know what it's like? Take a trip for yourself

Poverty's killin' us, the government's killin' us

If they ain't killin' us, then we're killin' ourselves

I would die for the niggas I love

My life's full of plotholes, and I'm fillin' 'em up

I told mummy, "I ain't nothin' like my father"

I'ma show her there's a different definition to love

I tell my fans we're all alone in this together

You can trust me, all the shit that you been feelin'

You're feelin' with me

We all took the wrong turns in different streets

We all cry the same tears on different cheeks

I got a message from a kid on Monday mornin'

Said he's grateful I responded and he's feelin' at peace with himself

Me and him got more in common than he thinks

But I tell him it's nothin' big so I can go on and live with myself

I knew that God had cast me as the leader

Somethin' special when he messaged me and told me that I saved his life

In twenty-three years, I done so much wrong

But in that moment, I just felt like I had made it right

"Hey Dave, it's Mollie Cowen

Um, we sent to you a, um, movie

An NDA to sign, um, in an e-mail and also by DocuSign

For, um, a movie called-, um, which- is directing with-

And Nina Gold is casting

Um, there's very little info that we have

But, um, I think we definitely want to put our hat in the ring for and go for

If there is a way in which you could do a take out there

Please have a look and get back right away, thanks, bye"

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