Sad Songs 2022 | Music for Crying (Melancholy & De

Sad songs for depressing days and depressed moods... Traurige Lieder für depressive Situationen an grauen Tagen...

Playlist Tracks

No Time To Die Billie Eilish 04:02
Falling Harry Styles 04:00
enough for you Olivia Rodrigo 03:22
Daddy's Eyes Zoe Wees 03:02
Arcade Duncan Laurence 03:03
I Fall Apart Post Malone 03:43
Traurige Lieder Juli 03:15
Sunflower Tamino, Angèle 04:23
Highs & Lows Dagny 03:03
‘Til I Die Kings Elliot 03:17
Vorbei Pietro Lombardi 02:32
Tears can be so soft Christine and the Queens 05:11
Say Yes To Heaven Lana Del Rey 03:29
Don't Forget About Me D4vd 02:29
That Part Lauren Spencer Smith 02:54
What Is It About Me Lola Young 03:34
Wish You The Best Lewis Capaldi 03:29
Better Man Sekou 03:12
Part Of Me Cian Ducrot 03:22
kiss cam Zachary Knowles 02:43
To Learn Leith Ross 02:17
I Can't Swim Ashley Kutcher 03:38
Don't Let Me Go Sem Eisinger 03:58
Haven't You Ever Been In Love Before? Lewis Capaldi 03:50
Last Thing On Your Mind Billy Lockett 03:13
hurt u Anna Grey 03:05
Du fehlst Joshua47 02:41
Are You Okay? Arctic Lake 03:24
Candy Necklace Lana Del Rey, Jon Batiste 05:14