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Rozovoye vino Eldzhey, FEDUK 04:06
Lipstik FEDUK 03:15
Мятный Markul, FEDUK 02:30
Море Mayot, FEDUK 03:20
Времени нет Баста, FEDUK 04:02
Moryak FEDUK 02:48
Холостяк ЛСП, FEDUK 03:01
27 FEDUK 02:27
Ostan'sya (feat. BMB SpaceKid) FEDUK, BMB SpaceKid 03:06
Хлопья летят наверх FEDUK 04:22

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A Russian rapper Feduk (real name Fedor Insarov) was born in 1992 in Moscow. In 2009, he created his first band Dobro za Rap, and recorded his first album ‘Moscow 2010’ (2010). Two years later he created a soundtrack for the movie «Околофутбола» (‘Aroundfootball’).
The track ‘Tour de France’ from the next Feduk’s record «Фри» (‘Fri’) became an anthem of the Russian football fans. Another two hits «Акварель» (‘Watercolor’) and «Я хочу летать» (‘I Want to Fly’) came from the album ‘F&Q’ of 2017. Feduk’s success is related to his collaboration with Russian rapper Eldzhey.
Their joint track «Розовое вино» (‘Rose Wine’) became a huge hit and topped all the domestic charts. Feduk has fruitful collaborations with other fellow musicians. For the track «Холостяк» (‘Bachelor’, 2018) he teamed up with Egor Kreed and LSP. Together with Slava KPSS and Dzhygli he recorded the single «Где справедливость» (‘Where Is The Justice’), and his work with OG Buda resulted in the song «Хорошая акустика» (‘Good Acoustics’). As a solo artist, Feduk released seven albums years and more than 40 singles in 10 years, the cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shivers’ among them.