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It's Called: Freefall Rainbow Kitten Surprise 02:32
Devil Like Me Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:08
Cocaine Jesus Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:49
Painkillers Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:33
All's Well That Ends Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:26
Hide Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:12
Seven Rainbow Kitten Surprise 03:45
First Class Rainbow Kitten Surprise 05:43
When It Lands Rainbow Kitten Surprise 04:29
Holy War Rainbow Kitten Surprise 02:54

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Formed in 2013 by college students Sam Melo and Darrick Keller, Rainbow Kitten Surprise developed a sound that was every bit as colorful as the group's name, eventually becoming one of America's most beloved indie-rock acts of the late 2010s and early 2020s. The group held its earlier rehearsals in Boone, North Carolina, where Melo and Keller were attending Appalachian State University. Initially an acoustic duo, Rainbow Kitten Surprise expanded both their lineup and their sound with the 2013 debut album Seven. The band became a staple of American festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits over the next two years, and by the time the sophomore RKS appeared in 2015, Rainbow Kitten Surprise's audience had swelled considerably. After signing with Elektra Records, they hit a new peak in 2018 with How To: Friend, Love, Freefall, a commercially successful and critically adored album whose biggest single, "Fever Pitch," hit Number 34 on Billboard's Alternative Songs Chart that spring. A two-song single, Mary (B-Sides), with followed in 2019, with the concert album RKS! Live from Athens Georgia appearing in 2021. The following year, Melo came out as a transgender female, adopting the name "Ela Melo" and continuing to serve as Rainbow Kitten Surprise's lead vocalist. One week after that announcement, the band released its first single in nearly two year, "Work Out," in April 2022.