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Tudo Bem Benny Jamz, Gilli 02:10
Hajde (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:05
Wawa (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:31
Casino (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 02:30
VI VARME Benny Jamz 03:07
Elo Elo Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 01:50
Rice & Peas Benny Jamz 03:07
De Forbudte Trin Pooyandeh, Benny Jamz 02:43
Ibiza (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:39
No Love (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:30

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Benny Jamz is a Danish rapper and producer, known for his solo material as well as his collaborations with the rap collective Molotov Movement. Born in Denmark on August 22, 1993, he launched his career by rapping in English, releasing singles like 2011's "It's Benny" before choosing to perform in his native Danish language on his subsequent material. He briefly performed under the name of "Höjer Øye," releasing the 2014 debut album Brænd System under that moniker before switching back to his Benny Jamz stage name for his follow-up release, 2020's 1010. During the interim, he scored a number of Top 10 hits with standalone singles like "Tjep," "Uuh," and "Balou." He also appeared on more than a dozen hits by other artists, including MellamFingaMuzik's Number 2 hit, "Jackpot," and Stepz's Number 3 single "Endnu." In 2021, he teamed up with Gilli, KESI, and the hip-hop group BOC for a run of popular singles, climbing to Number 3 on the Danish Hitlisten chart with the songs "Wawa" and "No Love."