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N'Brik N'Brik DJ Hamida, Cheb Rayan, RJ 02:16
La cabeza DJ Hamida, Imen Es, Nassi 02:51
La mienne DJ Hamida, SAF 02:42
Berbère DRE DJ Hamida, Aicha Maya 02:45
Reservi DJ Hamida, Bakr 03:03
Khalini DJ Hamida, Cappuccino 03:07
Déconnectés DJ Hamida, Kayna Samet, Rim.K, Lartiste 02:41
Zinaoua DJ Hamida, Leila Chakir, Leck 02:38
Ghazali DJ Hamida, Mouh Milano 02:45
Prishtina DJ Hamida, Fraisou, Mani 02:26

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French-Moroccan producer DJ Hamida became a club sensation in France in the 2010s through his eclectic mix of house music, R&B, raï, and hip-hop; a genre he describes as the "Meknessi Style." Born in the city of Meknès in Morocco, he made a name for himself as a DJ in the late 90s and released his first compilation, Funk R’n’B, in 2004. Soon enough, he was rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in French rap, including Rim'K, L'Algerino, and Stink, as well as collaborating with Moroccan artists such as Jalal El Hamdaoui, Cheba Maria, Najat Ataabou, and Douzi. His reputation as a tastemaker in the French music scene was largely built on the success of his À la Bien Mix Party compilations, a series of albums that showcased his potential as a producer and curator, featuring a whole host of artists from both France and North Africa. In 2014, the fourth installment of the series cracked the Top 10 of the French charts thanks to the single "Déconnectés" with Kayna Samet, Rim'K, and Lartiste. This was followed by the release of the albums DJ Hamida Mix Party 2015 and DJ Hamida Mix Party 2016, and four more volumes of the À la Bien Mix Party series between 2017 and 2020. In 2022, the album À la Bien – Summer Edition went to Number 22 on the local charts and consolidated his status as a true trailblazer in the urban genre.