Album picture of Plastique Elements, Vol. 4 (25 Dance Tunes)

Plastique Elements, Vol. 4 (25 Dance Tunes)

Various Artists


Listen to the album Plastique Elements, Vol. 4 (25 Dance Tunes) by Various Artists

Album Tracks

Summer In Samba (Extended Mix) Dreamhit, Daisy Daniels 03:59
Guaguanco Flokkendof 04:25
I Swear (Dave Massive Euro Mix) Donna Alma Rouge 06:38
The Only One (Radio Mix) Valerio M, Luca sala 04:28
Ahy Ahy (Toda La Noche Extended Mix) Spaccini & Lo Conte 05:03
Just Believe (DJ Ruco & Samuel J Club Mix) Luca Ruco, Sherrita 06:15
My Generation (Main Mix) Marco Genovesi, Loren Taylor 05:19
I Miss You Baby (Alex Guesta Remix) Ensaime 06:02
Summer Pearl (Alex Barattini Remix) Giona Guidi 05:02
Versus Queen Dom Versus 06:22
Have A Good Time Thomas Ferry, Dot Comma 06:04
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Happy Mix) Elizabeth Elias 05:55
Never Mind (Mangione Bros Remix) Claus 04:44
Do Your Things Filippo Santori, Jacob T. 05:25
I Feel You (Mylod & DPL Extended Mix) Freedome 06:40
Minimal Beat (Radio Edit) Marcomix, Bottai, Ripari, Tiny Dancer 04:07
Down Down Baby (Extended Mix) 4 Control 05:29
Baby Doll Matteo Gambioli, Bottai, Ripari, Laura 05:56
Get It All (Mark MasterSoul & Roby Montano Remix) Mikee Introna 06:10
Raggazooka (Alternative Mix) Maxi Dj 05:54