Album picture of Smilax DJ Selection Vol. 9

Smilax DJ Selection Vol. 9

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Sexy Moves (Extended Mix) Thaya 05:14
Love Sensation (Midnight Express Classic Gold Mix) Loleatta Holloway 07:50
Reason (Extended Version) Filip, Kenno Project 05:13
Don't Keep Me Hanging On (Sergio D'angelo & Andy Gixx Classic Mix) Sergio D'Angelo, Cucky, Sharon May Linn 05:08
Guitar Hero (The Mask Electro Remix) The Mask 05:20
Feel Me Again (Mark Mastersoul Remix 2010) SoldouT, Larry Ray 06:54
Where Have You Gone (Extended Mix) Freedome 05:44
Vampire (Original Extended Mix) Stefano Iezzi, Kimmy 08:56
Wrap Your Arms (Alien Cut Remix) Alien Cut, Mr. Grey, Lizzy B 07:33
Que Sexy! (Extended Mix) Smashing Groovers, Francesco Castelli 04:22
Dance All Night (House Pleasure Fashion Remix) Francesco Baldi, Vanessa Jay 08:11
Give It to Me (Extended Mix) Heart Of Space 07:20
Partenos (Big Beat Remix) Master T 06:44
Follow Me (Cucky & Montano Remix) Morris Corti, MarioSpray, Eleonora Rossi 06:40
Take Your Time (Markfunk & Mark Graves Remix) Musicbump, Guasco 06:37