Album picture of Rewired Records: Makina Adrenaline 2

Rewired Records: Makina Adrenaline 2

Various Artists


Album Tracks

I've Been Losing My Direction (Infinite Remix) Ijana 05:44
High Spirits (Original Mix) Vipe, Breakdown 05:55
Rapturous (Original Mix) Rifty DJ 07:02
From The Heart (Original Mix) Infinite, Johnnie Zone 05:41
Blue Life (Original Mix) Initialize Productions 05:19
Modulation (Original Mix) OXx_ 06:04
Helix (Original Mix) Infinite 04:19
Ekho (Original Mix) XenoDeejay 06:50
Fury (Original Mix) DJ P-Lu 06:56
Another Universe (Original Mix) JRG, Infinite 05:38
Flora (Original Mix) Kwet 06:39
Only Way Is Up (Original Mix) Innovative 06:30

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