Album picture of Phonograph Vol.3 (Compiled By Ruls)

Phonograph Vol.3 (Compiled By Ruls)

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Guardians Of Minimal Nadia Popoff 06:25
Is At War Bang Technologies 07:32
As We Become One Technocratia 07:31
Crackers Digital Comitee 08:01
Obsidian Ruls 08:03
Constellations (feat. Tap The Flow) Caballero, Tap The Flow 07:40
Brain Melt Medular 09:43
Nijko Van DId 07:28
Tingling Hot Tuneik 08:27
Morning Sounds (Ruls Remix) Treavor Moontribe, Ruls 07:52
Earthwaves Zeque 06:50
Jumanji Jaen Paniagua 08:03