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The Sound Of Tomorrow 2017

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Relax (Original Mix) Pierce G 05:47
Colors (Original Mix) JONVS 04:19
Turntablez ft. Crysta Bryan (Airsoul Technicz 12's Edit) Damon Rush, Airsoul 05:21
Faster Pussycat (Jeff Daniels Remix) Baymont Bross, Benzo, Jeff Daniels 04:53
Evo (Hesham Watany Remix) Miles Dyson, Hesham Watany 05:33
Don't Go Away (Original Mix) Sasha Plus 06:59
Leaving For Mars (Cold Blank's Mega Monster Energy Mix) Lea Luna, Cold Blank 05:41
PastSummer (Original Mix) MVXIMUS 03:01
Under Your Spell (Peep'n Tom & Tyco Remix) Ennovi, Hypster, Tyco, Peep'n Tom 06:37
The Electric Dream (Static Touch Remix) Mord Fustang, Static Touch 06:00
Fuck It (Original Mix) EM, Girl Audio 05:04
Feel The Love (Radio Edit) Gianni Kosta 03:23
I See Your Music (Original Mix) KC4K 06:36
Tweak (Original Mix) Ryan Galbraith 06:33
Riot (Radio Edit) Dominick! 03:48
Feel (Demoe Beats Remix) Entheogen, Demoe Beats 06:31
Domino (Original Mix) Joe Garston 04:41
Future Prophecies (Original Mix) Ennovi, Planet Noize 07:30
Behave (Original Mix) Middle Milk 05:12
The Way I Feel (Cobi Remix) Heren, Cobi 05:45