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Music For DJs, Vol. 1

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Let's Go (Extended Mix) 68 Beats, Rosenhaft 05:33
Is This Techno or Is This House? (Horatio Extended Remix) Robbie Rivera 06:11
La Palabra (DJ Huguito & Diego Antoine Extended Remix) Chris Valencia, Diego Antoine, Andrea Satta, DJ Huguito 04:32
RAW (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera, Dj Rooster 06:22
Feel The Vibe (Extended Mix) R Rivera Grooves 05:33
Change (The Cabas Play House Extended Remix) Robbie Rivera, Georgia Train 03:56
VUUR (Alexander Orue Remix) Chriz Samz, G-Rillo 03:48
Together (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix) 68 Beats 05:58
Lima (Extended Mix) Andrew Mathers 04:25
La Selva (Extended Mix) Jeremy Bass, Dear Mila 06:20
Get Down (Extended Mix) Paige 04:56
Come With Me (Chris Sammarco Extended Remix) Lahox 06:14
Acid Kraze (Extended Remix) R Rivera Grooves 06:35
Control (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera 05:41
Don't Know Robbie Rivera 06:14
Deepertech (MooD crew Extended Mix) Maffa 06:58
Eivissax (Extended Mix) Dario Nuñez, Felix Da Funk, Ruben Moran 04:54
Let it Spin (Extended Mix) 68 Beats, Starwoodz 04:51
Karimba (Extended Mix) Chriz Samz, Juan Astronauta 05:44
Frequency (Extended Mix) Nick Tohme 05:48