Album picture of We Love Accapellas, Vol. 2

We Love Accapellas, Vol. 2

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Boom Shake (Clapapella) Teejay 01:48
Shaking Yaka (Accappella) Shock Mama 02:22
Bla Bla Bla (Accappella) Logical Dreamers, Inusa Dawuda 03:18
Lift Me Up (Accapella) Cambis, Michelle Weeks 05:10
Everytime We Touch (Clap a Pella) Pierpaolo Cricent, Antonella Loconsole 03:23
Impression (Accappella) Komback 05:18
Hey You (Accapella) Mendo 01:34
Fucking King (Accappella) Numb3, Phil A. 01:29
Ibiza (Accapella) AstroFox 01:37
Deep in the Night (Accappella) Slippy Beats, Terri B! 04:12
Party with Me (Accappella) Morris Corti, Eugenio Lamedica 05:31
Check It Out (Accappella) Roby Montano, Larry Ray 03:27
Give Me (Pianoappella) Charlie Mauthe & Jh, Claus 02:09
Everybody Is in the Mix (Accappella) Dreamhit, Fisco 03:35
Best in Me (Accapella Tool) Lexvaz, JJ Mullor, Amrick Channa 03:20
Tell Me You Want Me (Accappella) Ricky Salerno, John Biancale 03:01
The Dancer (Accappella) Fabio Rochembach 03:24
Sexy Thing (Accappella) Bruno Barra, Matteo Palmieri 02:48
Never Mind (Violappella) Claus 01:50
Do Your Things (Accappella) Filippo Santori, Jacob T. 03:53