Album picture of Bright Light in the Night (Festival Tunes), Vol. 1

Bright Light in the Night (Festival Tunes), Vol. 1

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Lights Sam Collins, Nathaniel the Great 03:24
Get Up (Extended Mix) Steve Norton 03:50
Love Under Pressure (Eddie Thoneick Mix) Eddie Thoneick, Andy P 05:41
With You (Extended Mix) Kusta5 03:26
Hangin' on This Feeling (Original Mix) Nazzereene 02:38
Carry Me Home (Radio Edit) Kornpluck 03:05
Patata (Original Mix) Mosimann, DBN 04:46
We Don't Have to Say Goodnight (Original Mix) Fargo, C. Todd Nielsen 05:18
Good Time (Extended Mix) Nicky Jones 03:35
For the Night (Extended Mix) VINNE, Audax & Pri Pach, Babii Cris 04:25
Crash (Original Mix) Francesco Diaz, Young Rebels 07:49
I Want It (Extended Mix) Diys 03:14
Probility (Original Version) T.E.Ko 03:47
Castles in the Sky (Radio Edit) Ezechiel 02:37
What I Mean (Original Mix) Sharkhuman 04:40
Control of My Life (Radio Edit) Manrag 03:33
A Nu Life (Nicolas Belli Remix) SupaNova 06:28
Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) The Teachers 05:12
Casino Royale (Extended Mix) Merger 04:07
Sound the Alarm (Extended Mix) AKADIAN 04:21

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