Album picture of Friday Night (Groovy House Collection), Vol. 1

Friday Night (Groovy House Collection), Vol. 1

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

What Do And To Me (Radio Edit) Marco Genovesi 03:41
Blackfoot Liv Stevens 03:41
Summer (Instrumental Club) Valdemossa 03:57
This Is House Alexia Nigh, Damon Grey 05:39
Friends Love Sergio Pardo, Brandon Caballero 06:51
How Can I Believe (Extended Mix) Kyra 07:39
Na Mesa (Gallica Mix) Loja Do Cacao 04:23
My Bitch Synth Homatik 03:41
Night (Bronx Cheer Remix) Inve & Forsi 06:01
Quizumba Jonk & Spook, Capo & Comes 05:42
Cabalon (Club Mix) Silvano Del Gado 08:24
Get In To The Groove (Radio Edit) F.D.R., Lura Calder 04:57
Feeling (Raffalli Remix) Royal Planet 04:35
Polka Divina (Magny Etic Remix) Kris Mafia, Danny Roma, Mr. B 05:48
Riverwalk Steven Guetta 03:06
Without You (Antonio Frulio Remix) Busiello 07:43
Stop Me Heart Of Space 05:04
Feel The Music Frankie T. 06:41
Las Palmas (Ivan Kay Club Mix) Walter Gardini 06:30
Don't You Sa (Instrumental Mix) Paul Parsons 06:21