Album picture of Summer Cocktail Tunes, Vol. 1

Summer Cocktail Tunes, Vol. 1

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Remote Retreat Roberto Sol, Tilman Muller 04:29
Land Of Sand Minka 03:04
Deep in the Night Roberto Sol 03:59
Survival Tactics Charles Edison 02:04
Journey On Joseph Nimoh 03:39
Autumn Colors Urban Phunk Society 03:01
Must be Heaven Oscar Salguero 04:31
Closed Door Charles Edison 02:08
Happy Piano Piano Bar Project 02:24
Doggie (Wilton De Grey Extended Doggie Mix) Intelligent Rich and Beautiful 06:44
Vision (Chillout 2016) Quincy Ortiz 04:33
Profuse B&G Crew 06:55
Maze Artur Bayramgalin 04:34
Flamenco Chill Oscar Salguero 06:19
Garden Of Balance Gabriel Florea, Dirk M. Schumacher 08:56
Margarets Hope Rex Kramer 04:47
In The Arms Of Heaven The Parent 04:15
Adams (Extended Mix) Allume 04:31
Hans (Extended Mix) Benatural 03:12
Appearing You (Extended Mix) Allume 02:57

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