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Electro Energy

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Neon Freeze The Sonic Hijackers 02:28
Never Burning Out The Sonic Hijackers, Erica Driscoll 02:48
On a Roll Will Saulsky 03:15
Determination Will Saulsky 02:54
Golden Feeling The Sonic Hijackers 02:05
You Can't Stop Me Now The Sonic Hijackers 02:43
Walking Alone Nate Dodge 02:37
The Void Gilde Flores 02:29
Sirens Jacob Berman 02:13
Flashback Speedway Theodore Reade Aronson 02:13
Star Time The Sonic Hijackers 02:14
The Thrill of it All Stereomania, Debbie Neigher 02:08