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Above the Club, Vol. 8

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Elegant Rhythm (Vanguard Project Mix) Francis Le Courbusier 03:03
The Wall Floor (Last Wall Mix) Purple Folk 03:00
I'm Still Watching (Edit) Deep Icon 03:05
Foolish H2So4 (Substance Abuse Mix) Electro Boy 03:01
Moonlight (Robot Mix) Style Industry 03:11
Missing Room (The Deep House Dub) The Silk Man 03:11
Love Andress (Night Gestures Remix) Deep Farell 03:07
Deserved Rest (Rest on the Seashore Mix) Moon Solid 03:14
Caught by You (I Got Caught Mix) Deeba Project 02:57
Sya (Rated X Mix) Electro X 03:05
What You Talking About (Paul's Alt Dub) Paul Wellsh, Alaya Flores 03:07
Infinity (Prove Us Wrong Mix) Proof Clamour 03:13
Backstabbers (Souldeep Mix) Rich One 03:11
Big Girl (House Cut) Purity Of Soul 03:06
Red Train (Whistle Remix) Victor Marino 03:04
Crazy Woman (Sound of the Vocals Mix) La Boutique 02:58
Pack and Stuff (Everything Connected Mix) Roger King 03:16
Keep out Excess (Space Succeed Mix) Heavy Honor 03:06
Happy Hour (Winter Arriving Mix) Leonard Winter 03:12

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