Album picture of Petit Boutique, Vol. 2 (20 Lounge Accessoires)

Petit Boutique, Vol. 2 (20 Lounge Accessoires)

Various Artists


Listen to the album Petit Boutique, Vol. 2 (20 Lounge Accessoires) by Various Artists

Album Tracks

Shimbalaie (D-Soriani Cala Jondal Remix) Club 14, Roberta Menezes 03:48
Hablame (Latin Mix) Extrema Dura 03:14
Sweet Dreams (Latin Bossa Remix) Soriani Fabiani, Petrillo 03:25
A Chuva Vai Cair (Topic Mix) Loja Do Cacao 04:18
Smile (Bossa Mix) Leo In The House 04:04
Skyfall (D-Soriani Bossa Remix) Green Pine River 04:32
Chandelier (Original Mix) Chantal Park 03:33
La La La (Original Mix) Sister Wee 03:36
Josephine (Original Mix) Outwave Project 04:30
Song for a Guy (Ambient Remix) Rayo Tinto 05:22
Sun's Rise (Acoustic Mix) Glory 02:50
Punta Allen (Original Mix) Blade, Masquenada Family 04:31
I'm the Dude, Man (Remastered) Glam Sam And His Combo 06:17
Indian Coffee (Downbeat Mix) Klod Rights 07:20
Mister Stranger (Jazzy Mix) Daniele Soriani 03:27
Don't Keep Me Hanging On (Soulful Piano Instrumental) Sergio D'Angelo, Cucky, Sharon May Linn 05:45
Bumpin' on Sunset (Original Mix) Bluesboyrules 04:35
Undersea (Chill & Lounge Mix) Alex Belmonte 04:53
Stardust (In the Night Mix) Vale Love 04:06
My Play (Chill out Mix) Alex Barattini 04:12