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Pop for Your Valentine

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Never Gonna Be the Same The Sonic Hijackers, Blondfire 02:49
Love Come Over John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Justin Hilton Portis 03:17
Fiery Five Sonic Beat 01:17
Never Let You Go Thankyouverymuch 02:20
High Class Vibes The Sonic Hijackers 01:37
Days Go By Marti Amado, Christine Parker 02:24
Turn Me On Sonic Beat 01:36
Postive Visions Will Saulsky 02:42
Feeling Good Will Saulsky, Erin Holmes 01:42
Gotta Be That Feeling Marc Ferrari, Justin Hilton Portis, John K. Sands 02:51
Roxy Roller Sonic Beat 01:17
Falling From The Sky Leo Eli 02:06
Power To Go Sonic Beat 01:23
Feels So Good The Sonic Hijackers 02:25
Starlit Entrance The Sonic Hijackers 02:32
Baby I Surrender Marti Amado, Christine Parker 03:08
Only You Redah, Dominique Marie Vellutato 02:50
There For You Andrew Joseph Carpenter, Marc Ferrari, Mark Richmond Phillips, John K. Sands 02:24
The Non Stopper Sonic Beat 01:19
Feel Good Glide Aaron John Shapiro, Kelly Nova 01:54