Album picture of The Bearded Man - Beards On The Beach (Miami 2017)

The Bearded Man - Beards On The Beach (Miami 2017)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Back In The Summer MÖWE, Cleah 02:57
Anything Frank Pole, Greyson Chance 03:41
Falling In Love Dennis Kruissen, Drew Love 02:55
Come On People Harold van Lennep, Stone Van Brooken, Ani-K 03:01
Know Better MIKVH, Tammy Infusino 03:21
Bring It On Home Boy Kiss Girl 02:24
Shackles Nick Martin, Natalola 03:13
Rush Felon, Mullally 02:52
Evermore Prince Paris, Gabrielle Current, FINNEAS 02:56
When It's Over Sebastien, Ovi 03:06
The Bright Sign Yozo, Bonnie Legion 03:32
You're Beautiful Krono, Paul Kostick 02:43
Running Joyzu 03:07
Be Free Felix Leiter 02:40
Dreamer Branchez, Santell 03:51
Stars Prün 02:52
On The Top


LIZOT, Emelie Cyréus 03:32
Wicked Winds Mazde 03:52
Hands Price & Takis, Zac Poor 03:29
Worldwide Matt Strike 02:19

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