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Mykonos Party Squad, Vol. 1

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

I Rock I Sweat I Dance : I Rock I Sweat I Dance (Marcel Remix) Morris Corti, Eugenio Lamedica 06:01
Enjoy the Silence : Enjoy the Silence (Nari & Milani Remix) Falaska Contest 06:28
Don't Go : Don't Go (Electric Noise Remix) Solange 06:12
Sex Priority : Sex Priority (Milan Club Version) Irma Shop 04:39
Up & Down : Up & Down (Main Mix) Vip Sound 06:49
Tequila : Tequila (DJ Glass Remix) SM Project, Deborah 05:43
Stay : Stay (The Bulletz Big Room Mix) Micky G. 06:02
Fly : Fly (Vito Soprano Remix) Cristian Lavino, Masoc 06:20
Evil Woman : Evil Woman (Extended Mix) H.E.L.P. Inc. 06:45
What Do You Fuckin' Want : What Do You Fuckin' Want (Electric Noise Remix) Solange 05:46
Fly with Me : Fly with Me (Cristian Stolfi & Adriano KinĂ  Extended Mix) Stolkin Project 07:30
Pasticcino : Pasticcino (Salvatore Angelucci & Almond Main Mix) Discorescuers, Salvatore Angelucci 07:07
You Want Me : You Want Me (Alex Barattini Remix) Isaia 06:07
Ride on the Rhythm : Ride on the Rhythm (Club Instrumental Mix) 4 Nasty Boys 06:28
Stand Up : Stand Up (Alex Barattini Remix) Leonardo Carioti, Vincent 07:10
I Touch Your Skin : I Touch Your Skin (Alternative Mix) Torosani & Fasoli 06:07
Je T'aime : Je T'aime (Classic Mix) Antony Fennel 07:02
Poker Face : Poker Face (Max Mora Version) Lenzi, Soriani, Sily 05:27
Shake Down : Shake Down (Outwave Project Remix) Magic Stick Project 06:03
2012 (Fin Del Mundo) : 2012 (Fin Del Mundo) (Club Mix) Black Hawk, RAOUL 07:37