Album picture of Accapellas Hits (Only Voice)

Accapellas Hits (Only Voice)

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

I Say (Accapella) Alex Barattini, Sharon 04:18
Only You (Accapella) The Chips 03:10
Carry On (Accapella) Midnight Express, Michelle Weeks 04:58
What Do You Fuckin' Want (Accapella)


Solange 04:30
Guitar Hero (Accapella) The Mask 02:02
Suspiro Habanero (Accapella) Dago Cross 03:37
Love Is (Accapella) Funky Groover, Angel Rose 05:32
Private Life (Accapella) Blade & Masquenada Family, Noel McCalla 05:51
Feelin' Nice (Accapella) DJ Aleksij, Klod Rights 01:32
ABC (Accapella) Alex Barattini 03:39
Higher (Accapella) Gold ā€™Nā€™ Chic 01:15
Filter (Accapella) Hit-Aliens, Vanessa Jay 03:57
Ver Bailar (Accapella) Armando Traglia, Chiara Campitelli 02:25
State of the Nation (Accapella) Ensaime, Gino 03:37
I Feel for You (Accapella) Cody 01:15
Live the Good Life (Accapella) Andrea Raffa, Andrea Love 05:27
Be My Lover 2Nite (Accapella) Fashion Boy, Ben Bagby 02:54
Without You (Accapella) Dj Busiello 04:01
Paranoia (Accapella) Subsonar Chemistry 02:02

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