Album picture of Activa 2016 (The Best Christmas Hardstyle Package)

Activa 2016 (The Best Christmas Hardstyle Package)



Listen to the album Activa 2016 (The Best Christmas Hardstyle Package) by Activator

Album Tracks

Mosel Josh & Lareau 05:11
From the Underground Activator 04:45


Bluxter 04:01
Taken Impetus 04:47
Lucifer Kickz For Chickz 03:23
Stay Alive The Beast Project 04:26
Dancefloor of Death Activator, Unresolved 05:12
Fuckin' Roller 2016


D-Mind 05:24
The Dark Cristian D, Jonny Mad 04:04
Sickness Double F-ect, Dark Intentions 05:00
Embracing Life The Straikerz, Eternum 04:55
Payback D-Mind 04:47
K & S Dark Intentions 04:11
Limits of Dead Hardsoulz 05:13
Saiyans Next Level 04:07
This Is a Bassdrum Dark Intentions 04:44
Lullaby (Thyron Remix) Activator 05:01
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor / Bodies (Dark Intentions Remix) Activator 04:55
My Resurrection Dark Intentions 04:57
No Worries Double F-ect 05:03

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