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Abrazos 2008

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

How Love Should Be Tyler Hilton 03:22
Moment for Mercy Tara MacLean 05:05
Better Toby Lightman 03:57
Closer Trey Lockerbie 03:18
Hold On Cherish Alexander 03:35
Closing In Matthew Ryan 04:40
Start over Again Kathleen Carnali 03:28
So Sweet Libbie Schrader 04:22
Ordinary Love (Demo) Terami Hirsch 03:50
Easy to Love Sons of William 03:28
Love in L.A. Ernie Halter 04:02
California Sunshine Christa Black 04:20
Imaginary Beautiful Vision 04:33
Bag of Bones The Bittersweets 04:48
Holding On Andrea Hamilton 04:06
This Oncoming Storm Cody Beebe 04:07
Unstoppable Keaton Simons 03:44