Album picture of Cool Christmas 2019

Cool Christmas 2019

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Jingle Bells Stefano Fucili 01:54
In Country This Morning Call 04:15
At Your Side Derek Eyden 06:06
A Good Day Mr Tune 03:03
Joy Kinsave, Stefano Latteri, Alice Della Porta 03:41
Let Me Live My Life Ciccio leo, Roberta Sava 03:52
Try Hard Ouija “The Flower” 03:55
Small Peaceful World Last Aliens in Rio, Rita Oliva 03:14
A Story Behllow 03:12
Dreams Closure 02:33
La Sensibilità FabLab 04:29
River Song Nik Sand 02:22
A Simple Song from Me to You Flabby 03:43
Autumn MooD Trio 03:48
Happy Xmas (War is over) Stefano Fucili 03:32

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