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The Progressive Collection

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Aggressive Yuppies (A.J. Sunlight Mix) Deconstructed 04:09
Pulsating Rage (Quantic Mix) Future Collusion 03:30
Oxigen (O2 Mix) Dizzy One 03:11
Progressive Grunties (Hypnotic Mix) Future Collusion 03:18
From Outer Space Elwood Eaton 03:36
Ticket One (Program Progression Mix) Fresh Piracy 03:39
Late Night Heart (Asteroid Mix) Ema Buck 03:21
Red Joker (Inlight Mix) Florus Garreau 03:10
Water Resistant (Plastic Grooves Mix) Felix Berntsen 03:27
Interactive Star Map (Kae & Gray's Club Mix) Kathleen Warren 03:41
Patagonia Sky (Nevyka Mix) Gateway Slag 03:16
Whole Lotta Ladies (Progress Mix) Gordon Garcia 06:27
Mobile Love (Mercedes Long Mix) Sacred Sport 03:39
Roxangeles (Work in Progress Mix) Kyle Boerboom 03:39
Punk Motors (The Pink House Mix) Rotor Link 03:08
Tribal Language (Babalonga's Night Mix) Kyle Freeman 03:24
Mose Chunk (Silver Gate Mix) Recycled Vegas 03:08
Alone with Everybody (Progranmming Mix) Owen Zichy 03:52
Bed of Cats (Galaxy Mix) Norma Reagan 03:23
Around Star (Tactical Mix) Ultra Countdown 03:54