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Weekend Nights, Vol. 3

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

XXX (Dub Mix) Alex Addea 07:51
My Maya (Funky Junction & Splashfunk Remix) Jeanclaudemaurice 06:37
For Your Love (Mario Sem Remix) Relight Orchestra 05:11
To The Beat (Kanas Vision Instrumental Mix) Marq Kanas, Scyntilla 08:02
Puppets (Oldani in the Dark Mix) Thomas Oldani 05:22
Lose Control (Hakan Akcan Remix) Cristian Deklic 06:19
In a Dead Mouse's Head (Original Mix) Blackindago 07:24
Remedios (Alex Zigro & KamaStep Remix) Relight Orchestra, Dj Brizi, Selma Hernandez 04:53
Puff Puff Pass (Roby Montano & Cucky Remix) Turtle, Kevin Mahynaman, Ellington 05:19
Eden (Extended Mix) Carlo Ratto 06:30
The Autumn (Original Mix) Mick M Meij 06:11
Chica Bow (The ADJ Remix) D.o.k. 05:41
Siren (Original Mix) Guglielmo Brunelli, Pietro piacentino 05:50
My Special Night (Marvy Extended Mix) Denny Lee 06:13
Chic (Everybody Wants To Feel) (Paul Richard & Mavee Remix) Giona Guidi, Marco Laschi, Wendy Lewis 06:45
Nothing At All (Herian & Alleston Tilt Mix) Herian, Alleston, Dynatronic, Donna Alma Rouge 07:03
So Sexy (Original Mix) Di Venuto, Cinconze 06:04
Let Me Believe (Tony Change & Andrea Dito Remix) Marco Zardi 06:09
Just Believe (Matteo Pupa Remix) Luca Ruco, Sherrita 05:30
I'll Fly With You (Instrumental Mix) MASH, Koma, Valeria Di Dato, J Vale 06:41