Album picture of Future Disco: Poolside Sounds (DJ Mix)

Future Disco: Poolside Sounds (DJ Mix)

Future Disco


Listen to the album Future Disco: Poolside Sounds (DJ Mix) by Future Disco

Album Tracks

Cosmic Swimmer (Soulwax Remix) (Mixed) Tendts 05:38
Another Lifetime (Future Disco Slow Down Edit) (Mixed) Luxxury, Scavenger Hunt, Future Disco 03:24
Remember When (Mixed) KAASI 02:44
Night Train (Mixed) Soela, Module One 03:31
Sofia’s Theme (Mixed) TÂCHES 04:03
Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub) (Mixed) Patawawa 03:51
Want It Back (Saison Re-Edit) (Mixed) Lumoon, Rob!n, Saison 03:56
Tropicana (Mixed) Hurlee 03:35
Seven Afro Mood (Mixed) Lowheads 03:12
What We Feel (Mixed) Henrik Villard 02:39
Keramas (Mixed) Moon Boots 02:45
Heart Drug (Aroop Roy Remix) (Mixed) Sebas Ramis 02:51
Got Me Good (Mixed) Never Dull 03:07
Moments (Mixed) Saison 04:19
Mangostine (Axel Boman Remix) (Mixed) Longhair 04:38
Alps (Mixed) Dimitri Veimar 04:58
You Are High (Mixed) 16BL 05:24
Don’t Argue (12Tree Remix) (Mixed) FETE, Lorezno Dada 03:25


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