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Take My Hand

Take My Hand



Homeless man I've got a plan for you

Come with me and you will see a view

We're going up a tree

Just you and me

Don't bring your friends cause

There's only room for two

Just me and you

Spent my Saturday with a homeless man

We spent the afternoon in a tree holding hands

His name is Carl and he told me he likes to do math

Funny cause I haven't seen him do a single bit of mathematics

Hey Carl I think I underestimated the size of this tree

There's probably room for a couple of your friends up here

Homeless guys I've got a surprise for you

Come with me and make your dreams come true

So climb on up to the top of this tree

I'm hanging out with Carl and there's room for you and you

And you too

Spent my Saturday with some homeless dudes

We spent the afternoon in a tree stealing shoes

More specifically they stole my shoes

But I don't mind cause I know our friendship is true

Me and these homeless dudes

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