Dinner mit Freunden oder Romantisches Abendessen mit der Liebsten, hier ist der Abendbrot Sound!

Playlist Tracks

Morning Blue (Piano Version) Giant Rooks 02:59
Over ClockClock 02:49
IDK You Yet Alexander 23 03:04
Arcadia Lana Del Rey 04:23
Heat Waves Broken Glass, Crazy Animals 03:20
Daddy's Eyes Zoe Wees 03:02
Memories Conan Gray 04:08
Someone Else ClockClock 02:53
Hoodie ESKÉ 03:04
Traurige Lieder Juli 03:15
Die For You (Remix) The Weeknd, Ariana Grande 03:52
Ein Traum Bosse 02:49
Real Love Nico Santos 03:07
Never Ending Song Conan Gray 02:35
42 Seinabo Sey 03:44
Wenn Kometen fallen SOPHIA 02:21
Ego LOVA 02:52
Rain BATHSHEBA 03:11
Don't Forget About Me D4vd 02:29
corazón caramelo November Ultra 02:37
Say Yes To Heaven Lana Del Rey 03:29
L'altra metà Crucchi Gang, Tristan Brusch 04:30
It Only Cost Everything Victor Ray 02:28
Dopamine Ellie Dixon 04:01
Don't Let Me Go Sem Eisinger 03:58
Haven't You Ever Been In Love Before? Lewis Capaldi 03:50
Buzzkill Baby Mckenna Grace 03:12
Giddy Up Jenny Lewis 03:01
Heart To Heart Mac DeMarco 03:31
Tears can be so soft Christine and the Queens 05:11