Métro boulot tempo ! (Marian Hill, Jacob Banks, X Ambassadors...)

Rolling Stones, Post Malone, Jacob Banks, Jabberwocky, Power, Her, Marian Hill...La bande son idéale pour resister à la fatigue et au trajet du soir.

Playlist Tracks

WE ARE CHAOS Marilyn Manson 04:00
Five Minutes Her 03:44
What's the Matter Twin Peaks 03:21
Fast Lovers Lemaitre 02:55
Tangerine Glass Animals 03:20
Rose Keir 02:38
Sunday Best Surfaces 02:38
View Maia Wright 02:58
Slow Grenade Ellie Goulding, Lauv 03:37
Someone Else Duncan Laurence 03:04
my ex's best friend


Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear 02:19
Country Boy Goss 02:29
Letting Me Down Margo Price 03:14
Driving On My Own TEEERS 03:15
Circles Jack Garratt 03:46
Devant le cinéma (Version acoustique) Liv del Estal 02:45
Heat Waves Glass Animals 03:58
Spark Cocoon 03:04
Season Of The Witch Lana Del Rey 04:07
Glitter BENEE 03:00
Set Me On Fire Birdmask 03:46
Camel Crew Sports Team 03:33
LSDD Very Nice Person, Angelnumber 8 04:12


Picture This 02:50


X Ambassadors, K.Flay, Grandson 03:35
Married In Vegas The Vamps 03:12
Tides (Crimer Rework) Visions In Clouds, CRIMER 03:09
Fighting For The Gospel Goss, Selma Judith 03:19
Play Callum Beattie 02:43
Feeling Inside (Johan Czerneski Acoustic Remix) Guena LG, Nicole Slack Jones 02:57