Release Yourself by Roger Sanchez

Release Yourself Radioshow is a weekly installation of of hand picked producers and artists from around the globe mixed together by your host, Roger Sanchez.

Playlist Tracks

Somewhere Special (feat. Cat Connors) OFFAIAH, Cat Connors 03:07
Getting Hot (Original Mix) Claude VonStroke, Eddy M 03:50
Flat Beat Mr. Oizo 05:25
Rock My Body (feat. Eda Eren) Unorthodox, Eda Eren 02:27
Someone Like You Mirko Di Florio 03:19
WOW Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch, Shamonique 03:22
Get It Together Eli Brown 03:11
I'll House U (feat. Keyo)


Mattei & Omich, Keyo 03:46
Scorpion (The Ghetto) (Original Mix) Roger Sanchez, Saliva Commandos 06:59
Aphrodisiac (Edit) GAWP, Gene Farris 03:16
URBYF (Original Mix) Kristen Knight 03:02
You Used to Hold Me Ralphi Rosario 04:59
Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own) [feat. Kathy Brown] (Radio Edit) Soul Central, Kathy Brown 03:37
Love On The Line Kormak 02:54
Rhythm Slave Junior Sanchez, Hatiras 06:42
El Ritmo (Original Mix) Ivan Lopez 07:09
Extra Sauce MicFreak 06:01
Girls Pirate Copy, Alisha 03:28
Mumma Jacky (UK), Holmes John 05:18
Calling Out (feat. Dames Brown) (Riva Starr Warehouse Remix) Sophie Lloyd, Dames Brown 07:53
Love To Love UUU Todd Terry 05:59
Last Call (Original Mix) Stefano Kosa 03:30
Hot Spot (Original Mix) Philip Z 06:00
The Pipe (Original Mix) Rebūke 05:39
What Time is Love (Mathias Kaden's Slopes Remix) ARTSLAVES 06:23
Something You Can't Ignore The Golden Boy 03:29
Joy (Kevin McKay Remix) Kokiri 03:27
Change Ur Ways (Dam Swindle Remix) Hugo Mari 06:36
Habitual (George Smeddles Remix) Freddy Be, Savi Leon, DNCN 07:21
Hello Operator Aad Mouthaan 06:56