Album picture of Platinum Reggae Lounge

Platinum Reggae Lounge

Various Artists, O. Rass


Album Tracks

Bump Bud (Dubster Mix) O. Rass 02:35
Hard Lovin' DJ Romeo, K. Loned 03:04
Peace and Love (Hear Me Mix) L. Doone, Keepers Mark 03:06
Yeah yeah yeah M. Doclet, Jah Ode 03:11
You Know Who M. Knight, Blazin' Knights 03:15
Cold The Night R. Darkness 03:19
Pook DJ Brave, J. James 03:21
Island Goddess (Rasta Mix) A. Greene 03:22
Man De Come S. Gracia, Shark Boy 03:22
Passin Sentence G. Lee, Judge Lee 03:28
Lovely Day Nelson Smith 03:29
Hot Knife (Rigged Mix) S. Gracia, Reggae Warriors 03:39
Roll De Man Over S. Gracia, Pick Pockets 03:43
Zimmer Down B. Pope, Hot Rod 03:43
In The Mix P. Brown, Vibe Steppa 03:51
Rude V. Smith, Dub Plate Massive 03:57
Me Girlie D.John, Ruffster 03:59
Darker Than Dub H. Clement, Roots Mania 04:03
Deep Fire K. Limbert, Skanky Rude Boy 04:04
Rasta Man O. Kemmon, Oli Cj 04:13

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